High Mountain Course - Paralpinism in the Massif des Ecrins

Jonathan Joly, emblematic guide of the Ecrins, and Damien Lacaze, X-Alps pilot and instructor combine their experience to offer something original.
A rare internship where the watchword is: don’t forbid us anything! Depending on the level, the aspirations of the trainees and the conditions, we can envisage incredible things!
High mountain takeoffs with small ultra-light sails: Dôme des Ecrins, Pelvoux, Ailefroide, Roche Faurio, ...
And why not mountaineering and paragliding combos: placed at high altitude with your cross-country sail (light) then make a summit. If the conditions are there, the possibilities are enormous.
On the other hand, you need a homogeneous group with a sufficient level of piloting and physical training as well as suitable equipment.
We will adapt the objectives according to the profiles of the pilots who apply: simple splashes after day climbs, or combos and rests at high altitude if you are also a crossman. the concept, being open to everything!
If you are interested in such an internship, fill out the form carefully, without lying about your achievements, your abilities and your current form. This is essential for the success of the stay. We won't necessarily take the strongest drivers or those with the most cash. We will choose a homogeneous group with the same objectives. If there are no crossmen, we will have just as much fun making splashes from the summits of the Ecrins. And if there are good cross-country pilots who also walk, we can offer landings in refuges or at the foot of difficulties to shorten the approach steps.

Examples of combos: (these are proposals which are adapted depending on the level
and expectations of the group, and especially the conditions).
Day 1: flight and landing at the Eagle refuge
D2: Oriental Meije or finger of God then takeoff and return to Vallouise cross country
D3: Dôme des Ecrins or other summit following the
shape and takeoff for return to the valley

or ...
D1: Thermal flight and landing at the Vallompierre refuge.
D2: Normal route of Sirac or Ridge N, then deco
facing S of Sirac and returning to Vallouise by flight for those who want.
D3: Thermal flight, landing Pelvoux or Sialouze, summit of Pelvoux by the red rocks and
takeoff for return to Vallouise.

send an email to lacazedamien@gmail.com and jonathan.joly@gmail.com
by answering the following questions:
- How old are you ?
- Tell us about your mountain/mountaineering experience:
- Tell us about your flying experience: mountain flying, cross-country flying, for how long, how many years. on what kind of site (mountain, plain) ...?
- What is your flight equipment: for cross-country and for mountain flights?
- Do you have any particular wishes or comments?
- Do you have all the necessary mountaineering equipment (it is possible to rent equipment)?




2 Days



400 /personne for 4 people

Course dates

September 09, 2024 to September 11, 2024 Make Enquiry
September 12, 2024 to September 13, 2024 Make Enquiry


  • Hiking 2000m D+

  • Be autonomous in the air over distances of at least 50km

  • Light paragliding sail (less than 2KG)

  • XC light pack (B+ to D) less than 8kg

  • Classic and light mountaineering equipment (crampons, ice axe, harnesses, helmet, headlamp)



  • A fully qualified and experienced IFMGA guide for the duration of your trip
  • Mountain rescue radio
  • Mandatory individual mountaineering safety equipment: harness, helmet, crampons, ice axe

Not included

  • Night in a refuge on half-board basis, including water with the meal

All Ecrins Prestige guides have gained the highest guiding qualification from the IFMGA and are certified to guide anywhere in the world

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