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The day starts with the Aiguille du Midi lift. A spectacular trip that takes us directly to 3842 m.Here everything is huge, white and stunning. We are on a purely off-piste, glaciar terrain and in the high mountains, crevasses and seracs are omnipresent. Security equipment is mandatory to navigate this descent safe, which includes: harness, tranceiver, probe and shovel. The guide, expert of the place, will take you between the crevasses and seracs, where the conditions will be the best.


France - Chamonix


1 Day


January, February, March, April, May

500 /groupe for 4 people


Off piste Level 2 - Advanced
  • Competent to ski in all snow types and all terrain up to slopes of 30 to 35º

  • Ski with a 3 to 6 kg backpack

  • Be capable of physical effort for 3 to 6 hours

  • Have the competence to use the relevant safety equipment (Transceiver, shovel, probe, ABS bag)

  • Be capable of descending 150 to 300m of elevation without stopping


The appointment with the guide will be on the main square in front of the Aiguille du Midi cable car station in Chamonix. Once all the safety equipment is in the backpacks and the ski passes are in possession, we go up the two sections of the cable car.

Here we are at the Aiguille du Midi, the guide, with the help of the many panoramic platforms, give you an overview of the most emblematic summits of the massif and the Alps.

Before starting, everyone will be equipped ( harness, skis / surf on the backpack, DVA plugged) aided by the guide.On then take the impressive ridge of the Aiguille ropped with the guide, mandatory passage, to take place on a comfortable snow platform. This ridge is during the high season, equipped with rope railing and the track is worked by a team to make it accessible to the greatest number. The way is more spectacular than difficult.

Once on the platform, we put on the skis. From there several descents are possible, only the guide will have the expertise on this choice taking into account the snow conditions, the weather, the level of the group, the desires.

During the descent, it will be possible to stop at the Requin hut for lunch. Or, if you prefer a picnic, the guide will find you a safe place to eat.

Depending on the snow conditions of the moment, it will be possible to descend to Chamonix on skis, a short walk of 20 minutes will be necessary to switch on a forest track at the end of the route. If the snowfall does not allow to go down completely, we will have to take the stairs above the ice cave to recover the Montenvers tramway, it takes about 30 minutes, then we will descend by train to Chamonix.


  • A fully qualified and experienced IFMGA guide for the duration of your trip
  • Mountain rescue radio
  • The safety equipment (Probe, shovel, Tranceiver, Harness) is mandatory, equipment lent by the guide

Not included

  • PicNic/Lunch of 1st day, for you and your guide
  • Ski passes
  • All that is not included in "the price includes".
  • Ski equipment rental (shoes, poles, skis, ...)

All Ecrins Prestige guides have gained the highest guiding qualification from the IFMGA and are certified to guide anywhere in the world

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